About Us


Imagine being able to present to your loved ones with one of Mother Nature's beautiful creations, a dozen of fresh beautiful roses. That is what Magnificent Associated Nurseries is able to proudly provide.


At Magnificent Associated Nurseries Sdn. Bhd., we innovate for Asian seeking quality fresh flowers and plants. We're able to provide that because of our high quality controls in place in our organization. We produce, pack and distribute in highly organized manner to ensure flowers reaching it's destination as fresh as nature allowed.


Magnificent Associated Nurseries Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1983 with it's main activities in planting and exporting flowers which are planted in and around Cameron Highlands, a well renowned place that grows high quality flowers besides it's tea plantations.


Flowers such as roses, chrysanthemum and so the list go are grown by trained growers and all handling such has harvesting, packing and transporting are done by well trained staff and monitored closely by the senior management to maintain the quality of the flowers.


Well organized and comprehensive logistic schedule adopted by us, ensures the quality flowers reached their destination as fresh as it can be. With clientele from countries from all over Asia such as Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau and Malaysia, just to name a few, a comprehensive distribution network is enviable.


To further enhance our commitment to quality, Magnificent Associated Nurseries Sdn. Bhd. has become a member of the following associations, The Royal National (UK) Rose Society and The Cymbidium Society of America Inc.